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Am ia badass quiz

Am ia badass quiz

Name: Arlie

Age: 31
City: Millersport, Colborne, Allegany County, Mattawa
Hair: Silver
Relation Type: Horney Girl Ready Ladies Who Want Sex
Seeking: Search Real Dating
Relationship Status: Newlyweds


There are about as many kick-ass female characters as male ones. Badassery is transcendent that way. Or, on the other hand, your badassery might be contained to getting revenge on those who have wronged you. Still, other powerful female characters from TV and movie history have superpowers to aid them in their adventures. You might be the type of badass who utilizes weapons auiz fend off evil-doers or you might be the type who only needs her fists.


An untouchable. Knocking them down should be enough.

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Nothing--it's her life. Stay and my car and wait for him to show up.

You turn around and let them know they are being rude; the look in your eyes will tell them you mean business. I avoid killing people.

Everyone has a badass fictional woman who matches their personality — here’s yours

There are about as many kick-ass female characters as male ones. The possibilities are endless.

Just how much ass do you really kick? You: Call the police.

If you want to know which strong female character your personality matches to a tee with, then take this quiz to find out now. Advertisement If you were meeting a friend at sketchy bar and you showed quz first, what would you do?

Katana sword. I wear clothes that I like because I like em.

Go ahaed, make my day. People admire your bravery, strength of character and finesse.

Pop culture

I'll make an extra effort to include them. Quickly snap some pics and them to Facebook.

I throw some jabs, some uppercuts A spear. Advertisement How comfortable are you on a motorcycle? I know it leaves a bad impression.

Okay, you're not driving motorcycles off of cliffs and throwing back tequila shots, but you bring a badass attitude to your everyday life that friends and family members find, well, inspiring. This is Sparta! Or garotte of course.

Feel a little nervous, but you'll get through it. How do you handle the situation?

Are you a badass? or an angel?

Calculating Weapon of choise? Kill the zombies obviously. I can finally get drunk. A gun with silencer. The queen of cool.

Wants sexy meeting

Let someone else deal with it. You're not the badass of the year. You: Make a way cattier comment back. You ask your friend to say something. Still, other powerful female characters from TV and movie history have xm to aid them in their adventures.

It's distracting you from the movie, and bothering others as well. Belly laugh at the pettiness.

Forgive and forget, that's my motto in the vast majority of cases. Badass in Training Badass in Training Who are you kidding? I put qiuz my gloves

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