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Christian alternative to facebook

Christian alternative to facebook

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Linkedin Comment Conservative Christians who've been barred from Facebook for posting their beliefs about homosexuality and LGBT issues now have a new Free married girls Huntington Beach media platform they can that won't block users for defending biblical principals. After being suspended from Facebook numerous times for posting their thoughts on LGBT issues, a group of Christian preachers have launched a social networking alternative to Facebook called SocialCross. SocialCross, which works in a very similar manner to Facebook, aims to give Christians a place to engage and have conversations about events going on in the world without fear that their s will be suspended or blocked.


Getting Started up is free, not restricted by age and you can with your or by using your Google, Yahoo or Facebook. Although SocialCross has been launched, Penkoski emphasized that the site is still in its "development mode" and they're in the process of working out some of the issues.

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However, despite limited membership when compared to Facebookthese sites have an abundance of content, news and information that is of interest and importance to their members. But it is not necessarily limited to these. The others, not so much. Focused Niche Sites for Christian Users Compared to well-known social media cheistian, these sites are small, but considering they are niche sites, that is to be expected.

It offers….

By tercius

Getting Started SocialCross. It offers…. We are launched but we are still in that development mode.

Tweet Many Christians have gotten a little fed up with Facebook. Andrew started USA.

Penkoski was spurred on to create SocialCross after his Facebook was banned for 30 days on multiple occasions. The site hosts chat rooms and forums altfrnative further strengthen its online community.

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I pushed off the posting of this blog an additional 2 weeks to give me the time to try each of the platforms. You'll need to have a valid address to up and create username and password.

Much to my chagrin it turned out to be a fee based. But if the goal is to comment and force their lifestyle on others, that is not going to be allowed. Christian bebo social networking alternatives Want to facebool a Myspace Alternative for Christians? Life to "fix the social media bias against Christians and Christian news stations.

MyPraize www. Helpful and seems to be self explanatory and fairly user friendly. It was started by a group of pastors who were suspended multiple times from Facebook for posting unpopular thoughts and opinions on LGBT issues. If you want to come and ask alyernative questions and have alternatjve dialogue, you are more than welcome. It has more than two million views monthly. There is potentially no limit to the of connections you can make - only that of the software which incidentally caused several of the largest networks to get into trouble recently with massive problems upgrading to systems that could cope with the incresed s or social networkers!

Could these take the place of Facebook or twitter?

Christian social networking sites

Kindle is a Christian social network to share your prayer requests. Christian Video Sharing Social Networks Check out the Christian Tube - it's a FREE site allows you to add and share Christian videos, general videos, sermons, events dates and happenings, home videos, friends, holiday pics, howto videos and meet with other Christians now! Not bad overall, but it also serves as a prayer reminder. Facebook and Twitter "often promote sin, communist censorship and other ways against the gospel.

Christian alternatives to facebook

Some wonder, are Facebook and Twitter really against Christians? But the transference of ideas is what is most important, in my opinion. Christians Like Me is a Christian social networking website that connects Christians from around the world. Life social network is "the answer to Facebook censorship of Christians" and it "doesn't collect and sell your personal information," said Steven Andrew.

Facebpok this useful?

They are a group of Christian bloggers that have ed together to help encourage one another. First - what is Facebook?

Pastors launch christian alternative to facebook

Users must agree to abide by the code of conduct listed on the site. Christian 'youtube' alternative video sharing service. Below you will find a selection on Facebook and how it started here. The ability to share prayer requests worldwide Groups for churches or Bible study groups to gather together and share their prayer requests with one another.

A social network online is one where you can easily see and connect with everyone elses social network of online friends providing they allow you to be a friend in the first place. I just got off another day ban," Penkoski said. I have made the decision on who to include based on the of members, of features, and whether the site is moderated to weed out spam and inappropriate posts and pictures.

Neither good nor bad…it just is so. It is good for what it is, an aid to help you walk with Jesus by following the steps you have created.

Pastors launch christian alternative to facebook

Besides having several online communities, the site's content is supplemented with blogs and videos - updated regularly - keeping the site's content fresh. Facebook started as a 'hot or not' website where pictures of girls from Harvard were ed by it's founder Mark Zuckerberg and students were invited to vote on the 'hotness' or 'not-ness' of the photos often in rather derogatory terms. Will there be a platform to take over?

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