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Gay bathhouse sex stories

Gay bathhouse sex stories
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Name: Gunilla

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Encounters Bathhouse Adventure I was outside of San Fransico on a business trip and after business meetings I was tired and my muscles were tired and I saw a bathhouse all it said was Sauna. As I went inside the building the attendant said for me to strip naked in the locker-rooms. I went into the locker-rooms and stripped naked and put my clothes in the locker. The only thing insight was a towel on a hook outside of the sauna rooms and seeing everybody was men I just shrugged my shoulders. What I didn't know was this was a bathhouse for gay men.


I continued cruising the bathhouse for another half-hour or so. He leans with both hands on the small of my back as he works my arse.

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I hear the guy behind me shuffle forward as he enters me balls deep and begins to hammer away quickly. I've had guys ask me to shave my hole before. I decided it was time to get ready for clubbing.

This was a tremendous turn on and I had fantasies of a man seducing me while made up as a girl. I literally don't know a thing about him.

Bathhouse adventure

I hope this article helps someone who ever thought of going to a bathhouse or regretted not going. Storiee suck him until he's hard, relishing his cock like the good slut I'm becoming. My breasts were larger than normal and I was very small between my legs. I don't know how I know, I just do.

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Its not a gay bath house and they don't allow sexual activity but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen. He's determined to cum inside me. Go ahead and scream this room is sound proof. This story is true and, if you like it, I'll post more. It looked stoeies one of the monster dildos for sale in porn shops.

Terrified someone would see me and recognize me. The cum inside me is beginning to dry and my insides are a little tacky - he sort of kissers further inside me, letting out a relaxed grunt as his balls halt him from going further.

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I felt relieved to tell someone my problems or my anxiety issues. I have gone to adult book stores and bought gay bareback porn. I got to the bathhouse at 8 pm. It must have been a full 11 or 12 inches long and was thick in proportion. I rubbed his basket with my hand and felt his dick getting hard.

I searching sex

I don't even know what he looks like. I told him I had a room and we could go there for privacy. He smiled and we departed. Rogues had an upstairs and downstairs with the downstairs being mostly stofies rooms, glory holes and a large maze with mirrors you could get lost in. Well I did finish the business trip and went back home but I will sometimes think and sometimes I will cruise the internet for a cock to suck and be fucked.

I got back to my feet, my hardon sticking through the towel around my waist. The guy I'm sucking grabs my shoulder and the back of my head and I can't move as he Vestal women seeking sex Vestal my face aggressively and deeply.

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I just like men. I was going to get a lot more than I bargained for and I ended up loving every bit of it. Night 2 I decided to go back one more time. I didn't need to admit to anything in the darkroom. It was late. I take a few big sniffs of poppers, lay my head on my towel, hands limp by my side and just lay there as he goes to work. He had the same serious look on his face he had worn all night.

My 2 night stay at a bathhouse

I edge forward, as much as I can without choking, but he follows, slamming my cunt until my natural juices flow and I'm dripping. I feel like people are staring at me. It's semi hard.

I know what he's doing. God only know what they want, but I wait face down and don't move, trying to stifle my breathing. I ask the guy at the counter He fingers my hole, still wet, ready storiez. Panic takes over again.

Are you a virgin? I knew I was going to cum and groaned in anticipation.

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