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Knocked up my sister stories

Knocked up my sister stories

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She was begining to show, so I told her to start wearing bigger shirts so that our parents wouldn't know she was pregnant yet. We didn't need that bullet quite yet. We wanted to get even with Lauren and Kayla. So after 3 months, Sara and I have come up with a sick enough plan that it just might work. I would pick her up from the 7th grade, or just "take her to the mall" is what i would tell my parents, and we would fuck.


She was in no hurry for me to pull out or to run into the bathroom to get rid of as much as she could either. It was hard as a rock again and this time she cowgirled me and we came together Lisa and Katie removed their clothes too.

I knocked up my sister in law

They were shocked that I would want to stay with my sister and girlfriend. I really liked her. Mike was still up but said he was tired and storiee going to sleep in the basement on the couch. I wanted it. I was about to let lauren shove my cock into my sister, I couldn't believe it.

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I decided I'd like to give Kayla a little show, so I came up next to my pregnant sister, pulled my dick out in front of her face, and instructed her. It was certainly one of my best performances and I was sure that Katie would be impressed too. Lisa giggled. She had a ticklish spot.

They had called our mother because Katie told them that she no longer lived with her parents since she had gotten pregnant. Without Dad, there was drawer space and closet space that she hardly ever used. I now knew he was mine.

My cock throbbed at seeing this and a big gob of precum oozed from the head. Katie looked around nervously and Mom sent me to the store to get her some Rocky Road ice cream.

I didn't mean for her to do it. Sara and I's plan was hoping that sisteg wouldn't remain flat for long. Then I came home and Mom filled me in on the plan.

When the time came that I was ready to explode, Katie begged me to cum inside her. She sent Lisa and I with Katie to gather up her stuff. We finally took a shower together, dressed, and returned to Mom in the living room. I'm not bad looking either. Not as sotries.

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In the morning Mom and Lisa brought us breakfast in bed, told us that it was Sunday, and that when Katie was ready we would all go over to her house and get her things. She was not a girl Would love alittle chocolate China just let the boy cum and go…not my sister.

She could tell her mother that Lisa had invited her to sleep over. Well, one night lauren and kayla were over visiting sara and they were up in her room. Trish enjoyed my undressing and my hard cock. I've read about doing abortions with a coathanger, but I don't want to hurt my sister, I do love her, in more ways than one. Mom invited her to spend the night. The one caffiene drink that puts you out.

Brother force and knocked up sister stories

He had complete control over me. I left her bra crushed between us and started to lower her panties past her waist and to her hips. I started this.

Katie was officially a member of our family by then. Now that might be interesting.

Incest is frowned upon. It felt so good in there.


For the rest of the day the two girls helped Trish with her baby while helped Trish sexually. Katie came willingly. She sat on the bed next to Sara, and proceeded to caress Sara's protruding 13 year old belly. Sara lifted up a little, and Lauren slid the head of my cock into my sisters young hole. Her pussy was the nectar of the Gods.


Sara started to hump on me but Kayla stopped her, why I have no idea. It was interesting that all four women fed knockked four babies and no one seemed to care which one they fed.

I'm thinking about telling her to fuck one of her classmates so she can blaim it on him, but if they do a DNA test, or if the baby comes out all freaky deformed, we will be fucked. I can have her any time that Knockwd can catch her.

I didn't want to come inside my sister. Trish was not on birth control because of breastfeeding but she never asked me to use a condom either.

When we knocked on the door her brother answered it. I was his now for the taking. Then she turned and let me look while she stared at the floor.

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