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Nissan altima 2006 problems


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Lemon Law CarComplaints. Excessive oil consumption is the main problem reported by owners. Nissan did a recall back in for oil consumption due to bad piston rings, but many owners report to us that the recall didn't fix the problem. The dealer only had to check the oil consumption rate.


Problejs ? This is due to the cooler o-ring leaking oil. It can be challenging to detect the source because the problem comes and goes. Failed engine seal Owners reported oil leaking from the engine of the Nissan Altima with a 3.

How else would you explain a 6 year old low-mileage vehicle having extensive rust issues? I am careful to wash this car, including the under carriage in the Winter. He told me I would need brakes in another 5, miles. This should not be. I bought the 06 altima with 11 miles brand new in and I have nowmiles on it. Model years and are also affected.

I mean come on. Changing out the front light bulbs is a pain. I'm going to continue to watch as I anticipate a class-action altmia soon.

The problem is repaired by replacing the o-ring and sometimes the whole oil cooler. I did have to replace the radiator, battery, starter,shocks and struts.

So far ive replaced the control arms left front 2 timesthe axles, the shocks and struts right front and rear twicethe tires twicethe brakes, the nisswn mounts 1 twice 1 Sex dating in Farmers timesrack and pinion, rear camber arm, front outer tie rod end, front bearings, im sure i left something out but i would of had a new car by now right? If lroblems suspect your Altima may have one of these problems or is part of a recall, take it into a Nissan dealership immediately.

When this happens the check engine light will come on.

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Typically 1 qt per 1, miles is "acceptable" per OEM standards Symptoms include the car not starting, shaking while driving, and stalling at slow speeds. File a complaint Nissan Altima. Other drivers experienced the stall while the car was parked. Both sides.

What is the baddes problem on a nissan altima s especial edition

There seems to be a problem either with the material Durasteel or the manufacturing process of all the Gen 3 and 4 Altimas that allows water to infiltrate between the metal on the Good pussy tulsa causing premature rust through. The Altima also has a defect trend of CVT transmission failure showing up around themile mark. This problem is often caused by a failed camshaft position sensor or a failed crankshaft position sensor.

The last time I had an engine light turn on is because I forgot to change out the spark plugs atand actually pdoblemsmiles on them.

What altima year is most reliable?

My floor boards were rusted out and I was seeing the bottom of the carpet. This is a common problem on the Altima's. Some issues are pretty serious, and there are some complaints that every owner should know about. This car has been my most favorite car with the least maintenance I have ever owned. For, and Nissan Altima models with a 2.

Nissan did a recall back in for oil consumption due to bad piston rings, but many owners report to us that the recall didn't fix the problem. I looked up and said "WTF". Report Marlene answered 6 years ago i had an 05 Fuck for free Tolleson fl no problems traded it for and 06 and have had issues since day 1.

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I explained I've diligently maintained this vehicle with the hopes of it lasting for years based nizsan the reputation of imported cars. This is an old problem that started in and continued straight through to There are plastic plugs that apparently become dislodged or are not installed correctly.

When it was being serviced, the mechanic asked me to come into the garage to show me my brake p. Cheap materials being used. These are the most common complaints with the Nissan Altimathough they have all been corrected in the Nissan Altima. Floor has defective two piece floor system with faulty plastic "plugs" that leak and water gets in between the floorboards causing rustout.

Unfortunately, there is also a recall on Nissan Altima vehicles for a fuel pump issue, specifically, the fuel tubes leading to the fuel pump. The dealer only had to check the oil consumption rate. Regardless, I will never own another Nissan.

Nissan altima reviews

After being referred to my dealership for an investigation a nice rep with Nissan Regional Consumer Affairs says that unfortunately my warranty 20006 cover rust after 5 years. I am now looking for a new engine only because i was laid off recently and cant afford a new car. I told the mechanic to forget the brakes, I'll end up falling through the floor and running myself over.

My friend said my engine is dying. Check underneath the car altimaa for rust damage. Nissan has been required to extend the warranty on the rear subframe so they already know there is a huge issue with the metals they're using.

Catalytic converter failure

Excessive oil consumption is the main problem reported by owners. The only thing I don't like is that it seems to pull to the right all the time just a little. It can be a very dangerous issue because the car stalls while aaltima, bringing drivers to an abrupt stop in the middle of traffic. I think it is from the acceleration of the Sex dating in Bracey wheel drive.

It has power but I drive it very gentle now because of the high mileage.

Nissan altima

Nissan did issue a recall for this issue, with model years, and affected. I explained how shocked I was when I saw all the complaints, forums, and blogs regarding nizsan issue. The tires have always wore out perfectly even.

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