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Spin the bottle sex stories

Spin the bottle sex stories

Name: Naomi

Age: 30
City: Bunch, Morenci, Thibodaux, Adair County
Hair: Blue & black
Relation Type: Female Friend Wanted Slc
Seeking: Search Hookers
Relationship Status: Never Married


Here she was, 24 year old and she had never played the adolescent game. She supposed it would be a good icebreaker. However, she was used to lame small talk and short introductions to break the proverbial ice.


Her first bout with the silly game. her first for other things, too…

She took my whole right nipple in her mouth and started to swirl it around with her tongue. No girls had kissed each other yet, and every boy in the place was waiting for it to happen. I'm getting wet just thinking about it! You've got a car here, right? Shannon got real treat thanks to Jason being so fired up after watching Wendy and Jenny.

Well, I did choose dare. Oh, fuck, I'm going to cum!

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She gagged slightly, and her throat closed around the tip of Jason's cock, causing him to grunt. It was so much thicker than anything else she'd ever felt there! Jenny's taste storeis smell made Wendy practically go wild. Wendy was on fire.

Fancy round 2? She'd never tasted anything quite like it. My parents wouldn't let me go unless I took her along.

Jacob slowly worked his way around my slit before teasing my clit with his tongue Housewives looking nsa Camp Lake my yhe with his finger. As he forced himself as deep inside Jennifer as possible, his cum boiled up out of his balls and through his cock, and he started squirting it inside his sister's pussy. Wendy finally slumped onto the bed and curled up in a ball.

When she had Jenny's jeans open, she said, bpttle you do mine. He slipped his dick out of his shorts and sat back down.

Kim sat on my face and I was sucking and licking away. So Megan stood up and took off her panties, leaving her commando in a skirt. Jason and Jennifer's parents were also at a party, about an hour's drive north.

When Jason and Freddy got back to the party, everyone who was still there was paired up bottld making out, except for Wendy and Jennifer, who were sitting on the couch talking. Why do we have to leave?

Spin the bottle

That boytle a chorus of "Yeah, do it," from the guys. Wendy rubbed her hand up and down along the crotch of Jenny's pants, and Jennifer instinctively thrust her pelvis out against Wendy. The time hadn't been all wasted, though. She swallowed hard and watched the bottle spin. Jenny's body was becoming tense, and she needed a release.

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Bouncing up and down she was amazing. Round and round the bottle spun.

As Jacob got faster, one of the girls at my breasts trailed their hand down my stomach and found my clit. The taste was intoxicating; a mixture of Jason's usual flavor, spon with his semen, together with the pussy juices of both girls.

This seemed to be all the encouragement Jacob needed. She felt her teeth scraping along his skin, and the head of his cock bumped against the roof of her mouth.

Spin the bottle

I looked around at the circle of five other people. To please her until she was shaking uncontrollably.

This just made my orgasm last longer. Jacob was getting faster at my pussy and so was the mystery-lady-hand.

Jenny watched, her mouth hanging open, sotries Wendy held Jason's cock straight up in the air, leaned her face against it, and stuck her tongue out against the base just above his balls. Now, as she watched her boyfriend and his sister finish their incestuous coupling, it was time.

They were all making me so unbelievably horny! As he span I was thinking dont land on Kim or Clare as I liked them both.

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Now it was his turn to spin. She slid them in as deep as she could, pulled them back out and lifted them to her mouth, then sucked her juices off.

He watched as the two girls each licked up one side of his dick, then brought their tongues together at the tip, dissolving into a long, deep kiss. A little magical in all honesty. Having her brother be the one fucking her just made it that much more exciting. This is what Wendy had wanted since she'd kissed Jennifer during the game, and she wasn't going to wait any more.

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Until she was screaming out her name. Jason's cock was now fully erect, Jennifer was taking more of it into her mouth than she had before. I reached my hand up and started to slip his 7 inch dick into my mouth and suck him. Jason groaned.

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