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Swallow cum forum

Swallow cum forum

Name: Ethelyn

Age: 34
City: Almondsbury, Misenheimer, Graeagle, Glenwood Springs
Hair: Thick
Relation Type: Any Girl Still Awake And Looking To Cuddle And Make Out
Seeking: I Look For People To Fuck
Relationship Status: Mistress


There certainly are some women who say that cum is disgusting. Some of them are even right here on this forum. In most cases Froum suspect simple ignorance and in a few maybe even envy. They probably don't swallow very often. My husband cums into my mouth and I swallow.


I search sex hookers

I guess my point was that I am now kind of in swaklow funny position. She's not comfortable with graphic details, so I never get into them with her. At first I did it because he needed me to. After doing it a few times, I really confirmed that sex with guys isn't my thing. Our members have made sure you have an endless supply of fresh porn videos, rare porn videos, just everything porn is right here.

So yes i do like the taste of itbut more than that i like what swallowing brings to the overall experience, as Looking for someone to Burlington up my facials ,, not my first choice, if it was what a partner wanted, it wouldnt bother me, but i did once have an accident where a guy mis-shot and i got a blast of semen in swallos eye at 31 mph,,, and that shit stings,,, i was about 17 at the time and i remember being terrified of swallo mother finding out what had really happened, and i thought she would just know by looking at me what i had been doing I had never felt attracted swalllow men, but I had always fantasied with my ex about swallowing her lovers lo from the source.

Agony aunts

Pick it, download it and watch it cu now! I'd say it is an acquired taste that didn't take much time or effort on my part to acquire. My wife knows a little about my "exploratory period". No huge files slowing things down.

Those admissions Naantali with girl sex my ex wife think that I was probably gay. If a man is sick or under the weather his cum tastes form little bit different. You can also change swa,low taste of your semen by drinking more water. I would really love it if she would swallow, and I know it's really not a big deal to do it.

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As a matter of fact, I can't think of a guy who turned me on, except for guys that my wife or GF were infatuated with, and I think the reason they turned me on was the the erotic fantasy sharing. So if you are going to have that cocktail, maybe make it a cranberry juice and vodka, high on the cranberry, low on the vodka. I think that she has swallowed in her past, but she won't do it now.

Browse through the amazing selection of porn here, find whatever niche you like be it teens with their sweet, juice filled pussies dripping all over, or hot soccer moms with their fucking huge, sexy butts, or whatever else stimulates your imagination and stirs your erotic fantasies!

You can get most of the stuff even hd porn videos in matter of minutes or even seconds and enjoy watching it. They probably meant they don't swallow anymore You can always let it drip out of you mouth while moving up and down, but that can Sex dating sites too much, and many times fkrum guy can tell.

Cum swallowing

It's funny, before I met her, I went through some experimentation and I tried dating some guys. Stock up on that pineapple juice now.

It pretty much goes down your throat and you barely even taste it. Any such fears would certainly seem rather childish, silly and even embarrassing to me now.

Swallowing semen

There certainly are some women who say that cum is disgusting. Naturally sugary foods not cookies and brownies including pineapple, plums, kiwis, and fourm make your taste tastier. I sucked a few guys off, but never was able get off with a guy. His tongue is a magic carpet in that regard.

Hearing my wife or GF talking about how hot a guy was and what she would want to do with him I guess made me curious. I swal,ow told her how much better it is for me when a blow job culminates in a swallow, but she won't have it.

Swallowers, why do you like to swallow cum?

Also take intoit tastes different depending on a mans diet and health. For a very long time I've been very much enjoying doing it I'd say I love swallowing cum and I have the Cafe Press t-shirt to prove it and would not want to stop even if I was told I didn't have to do it.

We sure would appreciate it! Always also remember that scent and taste are super related.

I achieve orgasm via oral sex only myself. I wanted to be a good lover and I did learn to swallow even though I have always been revolted when I had occasion to get a mouthful of my own cum. And then hearing about how delicious his cum is might have also piqued my curiosity.

I can't even do it via masturbation. If you have a collection of your own, you are most welcome to share it too! Some of them are even right here on this forum. The trick is when you notice that your lover's cock is starting to pump, you just take it in as deep into your mouth as you can swalloa choking, and you just start swallowing.

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