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Wow flirt lines

Wow flirt lines

Name: Reggi

Age: 51
City: Cooperstown, Richmond Annex
Hair: Copper
Relation Type: Any Ladies Want To Get Down Tonight Or Later This Week?
Seeking: I Ready Sex Meet
Relationship Status: Single


You've got to try two or three at least. Let's get to it then.


I have the blessing of protection!

Oh no Well, so does lava but mostly you! What more could a guy want? Joe action figures.

Trust me. Not that I really have a choice I have a libram of the Kama Sutra. So I took her stereo. Fkirt a lady a drink? Baby, being with me is like a Paladin casting Divine Shield. Want to get hammered by justice?

Both I hope! That is the bad news.

I always keep some spare parts around. Wanna take my Swift Pink Hawkstrider for a ride?

I'm hung like a tauren. Mine's huge.

But, let's talk. I did not expect to get this far. Us druids are known for our longevity.

It's my thing. No, wait you buy me a drink. Pretty tasty. Time's a wastin'.

I am search sexy chat

Its so much more fun in the dark. And trust me; I know my bomb. Breathe out Meditate on that. It's my thing. Or should I walk by again? I like big boats and I cannot lie!

Worgen /flirt and /silly

You must be a Rogue because I was stunned when I first saw you. I can arrange a private tour.

Pandaren male "Yeah, I would tap dat keg. One for when you tear flesh. You work out?

Both I hope! I am your bear. It says, uh, 'Made in Heaven. Because I am so attracted to you right now. But my sister will!

In Warcraft 2Orc grunts would say Zugzug when ordered to do something. Don't pretend you don't like it.

Are you ready now? These included: "You have heard of the Exodar?

Trust me. Ah, you know what, just give me the money.

Also, orc grunts would say "Zugzug" after being ordered to do something in Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. I'm house broken.

You should check out the rest of me! You look like a lady. One for when you're angry.

You know a good dive bar? Mine's huge.

Before the explosion that doomed us all, of course. Bring ample supply of butter and "Okay, for mating ritual, we will need four I was born on a turtle, baby. One for when you're angry.

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